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Vitter Forces Legislative Pay Raise Vote in Congress

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Vitter Forces Legislative Pay Raise Vote in Congress

"In this tough economy when many Americans are making sacrifices, it's time that the Congress quit making political theatre out of their hard times, attacking business leaders for their selfishness but trying to quietly give itself a raise," said Vitter. "We should remember we're here to serve our constituents in our states, and therefore our compensation for that service should be publicly debated and not automatically doled out through a mechanism in the law."

Vitter's amendment would repeal the provision of law that set in place automatic pay raises for members of Congress. This amendment is similar to a stand-alone bill introduced by Vitter that seeks to achieve the same goal - ending automatic pay raises. Sens. Feingold, Grassley and Ensign are co-sponsors of Vitter's amendment.

"Last year in Louisiana , the state Legislature tried to give itself a large pay increase with a bill that would ultimately also make future pay increases automatic. Louisianans were rightly outraged and called for the bill's defeat," added Vitter. "Most Americans don't have a formula at their jobs set to give them pay increases automatically. Congress shouldn't either."

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