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Gohmert Applauds Advances in Amniotic & Adult Stem Cell Research, But Denounces Tax Dollars for Embryonic Stem Cell Creation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Gohmert Applauds Advances in Amniotic & Adult Stem Cell Research, But Denounces Tax Dollars for Embryonic Stem Cell Creation

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) released the following statement regarding President Obama's executive order to use tax dollars for funding embryonic stem cell research, forcing taxpayers with moral objections to subsidize the destruction of human life at its most vulnerable stage:
"Significant advancements have been made in amniotic and adult stem cell research, with vital information gathered from these studies already being used to treat threatening medical conditions. Many Americans, including me, completely support stem cell research that not only has delivered proven results but also respects the sanctity of human life. In fact, the most positive results have actually come from non-embryonic stem cells.

"However, President Obama's decision to provide tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research is a tragic misstep and falsely asserts that we must sacrifice life for the sake of ‘scientific progress.' We've seen stem cells from non-controversial sources like umbilical cord blood and amniotic fluid being used to effectively treat dozens of different illnesses, while embryonic stem cells have failed to result in a single successful treatment.

"Furthermore, it is unconscionable to pry money from tax-payers who believe it is immoral and unethical to kill a living embryo for that very purpose. Not only is the government diverting desperately needed funding to ethically controversial and non-proven practices, it is forcing taxpayers to contribute to this destruction of human life at its most fundamental stage. We do not have to sacrifice innocent lives to save others. Once we begin saying that these lives in their earliest stages are not as important as lives in their later stages, we set ourselves up for terrible decisions ahead as to which lives are permissible to sacrifice and which persons are socially worthy of their assistance.

"Most of us have experienced the heartbreak of watching someone we love suffer or die from illnesses and conditions that medical science has yet to fully understand. We want to see our loved ones made whole again, and research can help make this possible. But, we should focus our efforts on non-embryonic stem cell research that shows the most promise and the most respect for human life while not forcing Americans to betray their consciences."

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