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The American People Are the Solution

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

The American People Are the Solution -- (House of Representatives - March 4, 2009)

Mr. CHAFFETZ. Mr. Speaker, I rise with concern about the President's budget.

Now is not the time to be raising taxes. We should not be raising rates, nor should we diminish the benefits for people who are paying their mortgage as they should be. As determined as the Democrats are to raise taxes, you don't fuel the engines of economic growth by penalizing those who are responsible, who do play by the rules, and who don't need a bailout. By reducing the tax reductions for mortgage interest, the Democrats are raising taxes, and they are growing government while reducing economic incentives for those who have resources to invest in a faltering economy.

Further, at this time of need, now is not the time to reduce the benefits for making charitable donations. Nonprofit religious organizations and institutions of higher education are also struggling in this economy. The net result of the President's budget is less money for donating to those worthwhile causes.

We do have a choice: do you want to keep your money and spend your money, or do you want the government bureaucracy to tax and spend? I believe in the American people; it's their money, not the government's money. Government is not the solution, the American people are the solution.

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