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Rep. Cole Comments on President's Address


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Cole Comments on President's Address

Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) made the following statement after President Obama delivered his address before a joint session of Congress.

"Tonight was truly an historic moment for our country. I appreciate that the President took time to address the growing financial and economic situations that are facing our country. There is no band-aid that can fix the problems that are gripping our country. And while our situation merits a serious tone, I am confident that American innovation and strength will lead us on the road to recovery. But first, responsible steps must be taken to get our country's economy back on track - and those steps are within our reach."

"Republicans agree with the President that we must work together to get things done. Pushing past partisanship is going to mean taking time to work towards solutions that can create jobs, bolster the economy and create a better future for our children. In short, overcoming the challenges facing our country is going to take more than just lip-service. It is going to take sweat equity."

"Now is the time to get serious about fiscal responsibility. We cannot tax and spend our way into recovery and prosperity. In fact, raising taxes during a period of recession is a recipe for disaster. And unfortunately, the President has already made it known that he intends to let the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire next year. Letting those cuts phase out, while raising other taxes and pouring more money into expensive government programs is antithetical to the ideals of fiscal responsibility."

"The President has also made it known that he wants to cut the federal deficit in half. And while the goal in itself is noble, it stands in stark contrast when compared to the outrageous spending habits of the Democratic Congress. Growing the deficit to historic highs around $1.4 trillion - through stimulus plans and omnibus bills - and then cutting it 'in half' is not the balanced budget approach our country needs. In fact, if President Obama succeeds, we'll still be left with a deficit larger than any recorded during the Bush years - the highest of which was $455 billion dollars in 2008. We have to seriously alter our spending habits and work on balancing our budget as we move forward."

"I had hoped to hear more from the President about our military servicemen and women. It should never be far from our minds that we are currently engaged in conflicts overseas. Our troops are diligently fighting the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and they deserve the full extent of our support. This is not the time to cut critical military funding. In the coming days, the President will be releasing his annual budget proposal. I hope the budget contains the necessary funding to protect our troops and help them move forward towards victory."

"Our country is resilient. Our people are innovative and strong. Even though we are facing serious economic and financial challenges, I believe they can be overcome. I look forward to continuing to work with President Obama and my fellow members of Congress to adopt fiscally responsible policies that will restore our nation to economic well being."

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