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Fortenberry Statement on Stimulus Spending Package


Location: Washington, DC

Fortenberry Statement on Stimulus Spending Package

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry today voted against H.R. 1, the $787 billion spending package. The bill passed the House by a vote of 246-183.

"The American economy is facing serious challenges; families are hurting and businesses are struggling," said Fortenberry. "I do not wish to see any American suffer unemployment or foreclosure, or see any business suffer a downturn. It is unfortunate that in the name of stimulus, the Washington process has resulted in a massive unrestrained and unsustainable spending bill that will be very difficult to reverse.

"This year's national deficit is projected to be $2 trillion, which is larger than the entire federal government budget in 2000. This aggressive spending will grossly add to an unfair burden for our children and future generations. Just this bill, in effect, would cost each Nebraska family more than $9,000 in future indebtedness.

"The final bill was rushed through without any bipartisan collaboration, and an appeal to allow 48 hours for Congress and the American public to review it was rejected. This is one of the largest bills in U.S. history, more than 1000 pages long, yet there was less than 15 hours to actually read it. This is no way to legislate, and no way to run our country.

"I hold out hope that Congress can work better in the future on critical legislation for our families and small businesses."

Fortenberry is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

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