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Rosanna on...TARP


Location: Chicago, IL

Rosanna on...TARP

I would not have voted for the TARP legislation. I believe it is the greatest fleecing of the American taxpayers ever in History. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY or TRANSPARENCY, And they knew it when they gave out our money.

Has TARP been effective so far? Show me the everyday average American Citizen who has been helped. Has there been a turnaround in the housing market? That's who it was supposed to help, it has not and it is a great American atrocity, we have been lied to by both the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington DC.

Congress should not pass the stimulus package; we should get tax cuts instead. Besides, why should Stimulus money that will be payed by the up coming generation be handed out to illegal aliens who knowingly broke our laws? Obama has remained mum about the opinions expressed by his economic adviser. Stimulus for some but not all. American Workers pay attention: This means that Obama's Stimulus package will work based on the color of your skin, Not your job skills. No Congress should not pass this stimulus package.

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