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Letter to Fellow Utahns


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Letter to Fellow Utahns

My Fellow Utahns:

As we watch the economic turmoil throughout our country and the world, Utahns have a great deal to be grateful for. Although our state has not been immune to the impacts of the current world-wide downturn, we are well-positioned as a government to responsibly manage our way through the economic turmoil.

I am confident our financial position will rebound quickly to a level of strength consistent with our position in recent years. In an effort to expedite our recovery, we are working on a plan to kick start our state's economy in critical areas.

Throughout the past several years we enjoyed record economic growth, providing us with the opportunity to address many of the critical needs facing our state while investing heavily in areas that will sustain us through this challenging period. Many difficult decisions had to be made in order to achieve a balanced budget. I believe we were able to protect many core functions of state government while recognizing innovative and creative approaches to address critical needs.

Public education has always been and will continue to be one of my top priorities. We have made record investments in our education system and we must continue the progress in teacher compensation and enrollment growth. In my proposed budget we provide a means to protect classrooms and help ensure that public education is minimally impacted.

Additionally, critical human service programs are being preserved wherever possible. Some reductions are necessary, but even in difficult budgetary conditions, we must protect the most vulnerable among us.

I am honored to serve a second term as Governor of the greatest State in America. We are committed to guarantee your tax dollars are well spent. I assure you that we are doing everything to maximize our economic viability. Thank you for your continued support.


Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

Gary R. Herbert
Lieutenant Governor

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