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Kingston Votes Against Trillion-Dollar Bait and Switch

Press Release

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"This bill is a trillion dollar bait-and-switch," Congressman Kingston said. "President Obama campaigned on tax relief and infrastructure investment in ‘shovel-ready' projects. America bought in to that plan, I bought in to that plan but when Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid got their hands on this package the tax cuts amount to twenty cents per hour for the average worker and only seven percent goes to shovel-ready projects. With folks getting laid off and having their homes foreclosed on, this ‘stimulus' package is a slap in the face to working Americans."

"Americans are being laid off, Americans are losing their homes and eventually Americans will be forced to pay back this trillion dollars in deficit spending. Should we be able to guarantee that Americans will get the jobs created by it? I know this bill was negotiated behind closed doors but I thought at least one of those negotiators would be willing to fight for legal American workers," Congressman Kingston said.

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