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Location: Washington, DC

ABORTION -- (House of Representatives - January 21, 2009)

Mr. ROHRABACHER. Thank you very much, Madam Speaker. And let me just note that I have worked with Chris Smith now for 20 years. He is a heroic individual, a man who has come forth and put so much time and so much energy into protecting human rights throughout the world. Throughout the world, this man is known as the guy who will step forward and take the time and the effort to try to protect people who are under attack. Whether they are Montagnards or whether they are off in Africa or whether they are in South America or wherever out in the world that you have people whose human rights are being abused and peoples' lives, innocent lives, are being lost, CHRIS always stands up for them. And I have tried my best to work with him. He has a lot more energy than I do. But it has just been an honor serving with him.

And it is so consistent with that position for people who claim to believe in human rights to also take a very close look at the issue of abortion and understand that we are talking about a human being which has rights.

Now let me note that I did not always hold the position on abortion that I do today. And for a great deal of time in my life, I didn't give it any thought at all in fact. And what convinced me, it was very interesting, I worked for Ronald Reagan years ago. And Reagan called me to the front of the bus one time. And he said, Dana, I want to talk to you about abortion, because he thought that I was disappointed in a decision that he had made to stand up against abortion. And I said, no, I'm not against it. I just don't know much about it, and I know there's a political price to pay for people who are so pro-abortion that they will come back to you on this issue. And he said, let me ask you this, DANA. If you had a close friend and she was pregnant, and perhaps a former boyfriend who hated her and wanted to get even with her for no longer being his girlfriend, then intentionally dragged her into an alley and kicked her in the stomach because he said, I know you're pregnant and I'm going to kill your baby.

The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mrs. Halvorson). The time of the gentleman has expired.


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