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Vitter Comments on Vote Against Final Stimulus Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Vitter Comments on Vote Against Final Stimulus Bill

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today issued the following statement regarding his vote against the final stimulus bill.

"Nothing major about this spending bill has changed in the last week. With each day, news reports expose more of the ridiculous items in this laundry list of Washington spending projects. And the process in which they passed this bill is an absolute sham - with liberal party leaders huddled behind closed-doors putting the finishing touches on this 1,000-page monstrosity and then not giving members any time to read it before voting.

"Constituents from all over the country have voiced their strong opposition to the wasteful spending in this bill, but it appears that Congress has chosen to ignore them. We're not going to get out of this recession with more pork-barrel spending, and the American people know this.

"What this bloated stimulus needed was a fundamental change at its core - we needed to strip this wasteful spending and focus on those provisions that would bring real job creation. Neither this bill nor the process in how it was authored reflects much of the change that we heard so much about coming to Washington. Instead, it is sadly more Washington business as usual," said Vitter.

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