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Cole: "This is Not the Stimulus Oklahomans Deserve"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Cole: "This is Not the Stimulus Oklahomans Deserve"

Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) issued the following statement after voting against the final Pelosi-Reid stimulus that passed today.

"This bill is a recipe for disaster," Congressman Cole said. "To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never have so few spent so much so quickly to do so little. This bill checks in at a staggering $789 billion. To put that in perspective - that is nearly the total amount of all United States currency currently circulating worldwide. But it's not just the price tag of this bill that should offend every American - it also creates 30 new federal programs and agencies, growing the government to the largest size ever."

"To make matters worse, this bill breaks a commitment to the American people to provide the text of the legislation to the public at least 48 hours before a vote. The bill is more than 1,000 pages long - making it impossible for the public to have ample time to review and scrutinize it. It is shameful to see Members of the Majority party in Congress so blatantly break their word to the American people."

"This bill should have put more money in the hands of those who pay taxes, create jobs and invest in our economy. Instead, we're giving billions to those who will grow government and raise taxes. This is not the stimulus plan that Oklahomans deserve."

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