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FOX Toledo News - NW Ohio Ready for Stimulus

News Article

Location: Washington, DC


Northwest Ohio is preparing for its share of the 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill.

The region should receive a shot in the arm from the bill, especially in the alternative energy field, said U.S. Senn. Sherrod Brown.

"When I'm in Wood County, in Lucas County, you can't help thinking that we're going to be the Silicon Valley of alternative energy, " Sen. Brown said when asked by FOX Toledo News about how he feels the bill will help this area.

The bill, which now sits at about $790 billion, has tax credits built into it for alternative energy companies.

"We've worked for these tax incentives for several years, these tax incentives for green energy are really going to help create new industry, new jobs, more jobs in this new industry especially in Northwest Ohio, " said Sen. Brown.

Car buyers will find some tax breaks as well that are supposed to increase sales. That's expected to help production, which would keep local auto workers working.

President Barack Obama still needs to sign off on the bill. That could happen Monday, Feb. 16.

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