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Statement of Senator John Kerry on HHS Nominee Tom Daschle


Location: Washington, DC

Statement of Senator John Kerry on HHS Nominee Tom Daschle

Sen. John F. Kerry released the following statement today about the nomination of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle as President Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services. Kerry is a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee, which will vote on the nomination.

"Tom Daschle has spent nearly three decades serving the public. It is important to put his experience to work during a critical time when our nation's healthcare system desperately needs an overhaul. I have confidence in his leadership ability.

"As a former member of both the House and the Senate, his knowledge of the legislative process is unmatched. He has built relationships with and is well respected by members of Congress on both sides of the aisle - necessary components to getting good legislation passed in a timely manner.

"Months ago, Tom personally and proactively addressed the taxes issue and took all necessary steps to correct his innocent error. I've known Tom Daschle for years and he is a man of great character and integrity who will do a superb job in helping us fix our healthcare system. I look forward to his speedy confirmation."

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