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Burgess: Stimulus Bill Missed the Mark

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Burgess: Stimulus Bill Missed the Mark

Rep. Burgess voted against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on Wednesday evening. The vote was unanimous among all Republicans in the House of Representatives, who illustrated through clear voice and solidarity the folly of the legislation. "The product contained very little of what could pass for economic benefit."

"Stimulus measures are rarely successful on a large scale, and this one certainly missed the mark. The President received his stimulus legislation, but by the time it had been through the legislative mill, I don't believe it was exactly what he had been hoping for."

The American people are rightfully anxious about their future, and they are steadily losing faith in their government. They are tired of being hoodwinked by a Congress that doesn't follow through on its word, and doesn't act in the best interests of the people it claims to serve.

Congress had the chance to energize the economy as well as the morale of American citizens, but failed. "We needed the Democratic Speaker to move beyond partisanship, to allow work on truly bipartisan solutions to the nation's problems. Instead, we were given a generic spending bill that will tax our children's children."

Our challenged economy does not provide an excuse for reckless spending; on the contrary, we must be precise in our economic decisions, instead of throwing money at random targets. "We know that our country is facing a recession and that Congress must take action to turn our economy around. However, I am very wary of excess government spending and would have preferred an approach targeted towards responsible recovery. I wanted proof that this spending would create new private sector jobs rather than spending for spending's sake."

Congressman Burgess would support a plan that would allow people who pay taxes to keep more of their own money. If the government taxed less, more money would be available for consumers to stimulate the economy through new personal consumption. Taking less of taxpayer dollars, allowing them to reinvest it in their future and in their country's future is an ideal that has enriched our country's economy for years. Our economy is based on choice and freedom and that has made our country great; we must not stifle that.

Congressman Burgess also wanted to see more action taken via less punitive taxation to support individuals and small businesses that are fighting to stay alive during this recession. "Before any massive spending package was even considered, we should have tried lowering personal income taxes and increasing small-business tax deductions."

"My constituents have been calling my office, telling me to stop spending their money. They want me to let them spend it themselves, because they know how to spend it best. I believe this, and I am disheartened that I must face the citizens of my district and tell them that the government decided to spend their income for them."

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