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Broun's Briefings


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Broun's Briefings

This Week: Several grassroots movements are calling for Speaker Pelosi to allow an up-or-down vote to lower gas prices; there is a running list of energy promises that the Democratic Leadership has misled the American people on; Russia continues to hold territory in Georgia while renewing Cold War alliances.

The American People are calling for Change

The American people are calling for change. Not the kind of "utopian" change that Barack Obama is selling, but a change in gas prices. Nor do they want Pelosi's energy "changes" - that plan will only make prices go up.

What Americans really want is the type of change that the American Energy Act promises and they are acting on that desire.

By participating in blogs, like the "don't go movement", signing petitions, like Newt Gingrich's "Drill here, Drill now, Pay less" petition, and joining online groups, millions of Americans are embracing the Republicans' plan to lower gas prices.

Thousands of other Americans are calling Speaker Pelosi's office daily [(202) 225-4965], or sending her their gas receipts in protest of her non-action on this important issue.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

H-232, The Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

The fact is that American families and communities are nearing a breaking point over high gasoline prices. Families have cancelled vacations this summer, school boards are stretching budgets to pay for bussing as students head back to class, and law enforcement is cutting back on patrols because they simply cannot afford the fuel cost.

Congress could provide a solution to all of these problems tomorrow if the liberal Democratic Leadership would simply call us back into session and allow an up-or-down vote on increased production of American-made energy.

I find it appalling that they have not done so already, but I pray that they will come to their senses very soon.

Liberal Promises, Liberal Shams

When Nancy Pelosi assumed her position as Speaker of the House last year, she made several promises to the American people. Many of those promises have turned out to be shams when America needs her help the most.

Speaker Pelosi has promised to be a voice for the American people, but she is ignoring millions of Americans' calls for increases in American energy production as she pushes an out-of-touch agenda.

Pelosi promised to lead a bi-partisan House of Representatives, but she is denying an up-or-down vote on the American Energy Act, which has overwhelming bi-partisan support. Recently, she even reintroduced the idea of use-it-or-lose-it laws (claiming that oil companies are refusing to drill for more oil), which was loudly condemned by members of her own party earlier this year, and is already law.

Nancy Pelosi has repeated her intentions to make America energy independent, but on NBC's ‘Meet the Press,' she did not even know that Natural Gas is a fossil fuel.

The American people need honest, intelligent leadership in order to become energy independent, and Republicans are providing that leadership as they continue to work in the U.S. Capitol during August recess and demand that Pelosi call Congress back into session.

I have consistently signed onto bills that will not only increase our oil supply, but also decrease the price of gas and move toward energy independence for America. I promise to keep working to pull the Democrat leadership out from under the rock it seems to be living under and lead the way towards an energy-independent future for America.

It's Turning Chilly in Russia

More and more is becoming clear about Russia's real plans for Georgia and the future. Russian deputies are now calling for parts of Georgia to secede and its military has begun to set up new positions around the key Black Sea port of Poti, far from the buffer zone.

Furthermore, this week Russia signed an arms cooperation deal with Syria, an ally of the USSR during the Cold War, which will allow Russia to upgrade the Syrian military and sell it advanced weapons. Syria is currently listed as a state sponsor of terror by the U.S. State Department.

The decision by Russia to continue the abuse of Georgia and ally with a state sponsor of terror is very troubling. I hope NATO, led by the U.S., will take a strong stance against any future Russian incursions and will support other threatened countries like Ukraine and Moldova.

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