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Broun's Briefings


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Broun's Briefings

This Week: Speaker Pelosi is feeling pressure from the millions of Americans demanding more offshore drilling; Russia may be about to halt its military incursion into Georgia, but its looting continues; a local athlete wins Gold in Beijing.

Pelosi's Empty Energy Plan

Speaker Pelosi, obviously feeling the heat over her failed energy policies, has dropped her firm opposition to an offshore drilling vote and replaced that stance with more distortions.

She claims that it is clear that we should "end our dangerous dependence on foreign oil," but her actions have demonstrated that she is ignorant of those needs and is completely out of touch with America.

Pelosi claims to have attempted to ease the situation by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but she fails to mention that the amount of oil she proposed to release would last merely three-and-a-half days, according to CNN and several other news sources.

In her weekly radio address on Saturday, Speaker Pelosi also resumed the finger-pointing and brought back the laughable use-it-or-lose-it proposal, which has already been rejected by Congressional Democrats and Republicans.

The bottom line is that Pelosi's energy plan might be popular in San Francisco, but it is not the all-of-the-above energy plan that Americans overwhelmingly support. Once again, the liberal Democratic Leadership is proposing a plan that assumes that the American people are unintelligent and uninformed.

Americans are struggling to cope with high gas prices, and they are looking for "real" energy solutions, not political grandstanding and finger-pointing!

By refusing to admit that their position is wrong and failing to meet the demands of the people they represent, the Democratic Leadership is ignoring America's needs - they are practicing a partisan politics that defies all reason.

Speaker Pelosi and liberal leaders should either support the comprehensive energy plan in the American Energy Act, or they should get out of the way and allow Republicans to help the American people.

Russia: Same Tactics, Different Name

As the world looks on in apprehension, Russia is enacting the same aggression and brutality of the former U.S.S.R. The Russian military is attacking cities with no strategic value and using paramilitary forces to murder, loot and bully Georgian citizens.

One example of the non-strategic attacks used by Russian forces is found in the city of Poti, a Georgian town on the Black Sea coast that serves as a very profitable commercial port.

Not only did Russian forces bomb this town, but, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, they have also routinely sent forces into the city to loot stores, trash offices, and systematically destroy military infrastructure.

The Russian Navy has also blocked ports, forcing the United States to airlift medical supplies and aide in a move that resembles American Cold War assistance to Berlin.

This conflict has revealed much about Russia's political leadership and has shown that that country's government is far from the democracy that it claims to be. I support our efforts to help, and I pray that God will protect the many families who are living in fear and danger during this chaotic time.

Hancock Wins Gold in the Beijing Olympics!

I am very excited to report that one of my constituents has won a Gold medal in Skeet Shooting. In a tense shoot-off, 19 year old Vincent Hancock, of Eatonton, GA, held off a member of the Norwegian Olympic Team to secure Gold.

This victory merely reaffirms what Vincent has proven time and time again - that when it comes to shooting, his aim is dead-on.

Not only has this Olympics proven to be exciting for Vincent and his family, but it has also had a unifying effect on America as a whole.

Every Olympics brings messages such as a past VISA commercial about pulling for athletes "simply because they are human and we are human…" and rants against pulling for athletes "because of the flag on their backs."

That's hogwash! Of course I cheer harder for athletes from the United States. They represent what is so great about America.

Our athletes reflect our nation's talent, diversity, and competitiveness; it is no fluke that America consistently finishes at the top of the medal counts. The United States is the greatest nation on Earth, and when I watch the Olympic Games I cheer "U-S-A!" NOT "Go World."

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