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Kingston Praises Passage of Strategic Framework For Iraq

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Congressman credits surge, courage of Iraqis for landmark agreement for withdrawal of U.S. troops by 2011

After Iraq's parliament approved a measure that would provide for a structured withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by 2011, Congressman Jack Kingston (R/GA-1) praised the action as a landmark step towards bringing troops home safely.

"Two years ago, this wouldn't have been possible," Congressman Kingston said, "but the success of surge combined with the determination of the Iraqi people has brought us an agreement that will bring our troops home safely. That this came through the political process rather than through violence is a testament to the great progress we've made there."

The agreement, which came after 11 months of negotiations, provides that Iraq's army, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), will take security responsibilities for all Iraqi cities, villages and localities by June of next year as a first step toward total withdrawal by 2011. In the intervening time, U.S. troops will provide support as needed.

With the United Nations mandate authorizing the presence of U.S. troops expiring December 31, the agreement now serves as the legal framework governing the presence of Coalition Forces in Iraq.

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