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Baca Statement on the Medicare Prescription Drug legislation signed by President George W. Bush

Location: Washington, DC

"It's really disheartening to hear that so many people are having trouble understanding the Medicare Prescription drug legislation, but then again that is what the Republicans wanted all along. The legislation is so vast and detailed that many of their own members had a difficult time making sense of this "so called" plan."

"Republicans are using the smoke and mirrors routine that con artists use to trick crowds."

"Our seniors should be our top priority. They have worked hard for their families and assisted in the building of this great country. It is up to us to honor and look out for them. This bill does neither."

"This bill does nothing to bring down high drug prices, it does not give seniors many choices concerning their care, and it does not provide any relief for the millions of seniors and Americans with disabilities that have high out of pocket costs. It eliminate private sector drug coverage for 2.7 million retirees. I will tell you what this bill does do though; it fills the pockets of the big drug and insurance companies that have aligned themselves with the Republicans. Most importantly this plan privatizes Medicare as we know it."

"I supported the Democratic alternative prescription drug plan that would provide seniors with affordable prescription drug coverage, prevent the privatization of Medicare and prevent retirees from loosing their employer based health coverage."

"This alternative plan provided less smoke and mirrors and more savings for seniors. That is a plan that is easy to understand."

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