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Larson Secures Funding for American Troops

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


U.S. Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01) announced today that with the passage of H.R. 2638, Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act of 2009 the House has once again made a strong commitment to fund our troops, put their safety first, rebuild our military and restore troop readiness. Congressman Larson also helped ensure that significant investments were made into Connecticut's defense manufacturing and hydrogen fuel cell industries and the Connecticut Air National Guard, all of which are important to Connecticut's economy. These investments help keep our troops safe by providing them with first-rate equipment and technology. H.R. 2638 includes Fiscal Year 2009 Defense Appropriations, Military Construction/Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security Appropriations bills.

"With this funding we will begin to rebuild our military and take care of the soldiers and families who make the U.S. Military's heroic efforts possible. We are committed to providing our troops with the safest and best possible technology and the passage of this bill reflect our strong dedication to this goal," said Larson.

The Defense Appropriations bill provided significant investments to the state's defense manufacturing industry, including:

--$6.9 billion to the Air Force and Navy for procurement of 14 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lighting IIs and continuing a program for alternate engine development
--$2.9 billion for F-22A Raptors
--$236 million for C-17 Globemasters Research and Development
--$1.6 million for DoD Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicle Demonstration Program
--$1.6 million for Defense Applications of Carbonate Fuel Cells
--$1.6 million for Regenerative Fuel Cell Back-up Power
--$3.2 million for Universal Control - FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)
--$1.2 million for UAV-Resupply BURRO
--$2 million for Legacy Aerospace Gear Drive Re-Engineering Initiative
--$1 million for Smart, Modular Regenerative Off-Grid Hydrogen Fuel Cell
--$3.2 million for Video and Water Mist Technologies for Incipient Fire Detection on Ships

Larson secured over 5.4 million dollars in the Defense Appropriations bill that will benefit Connecticut's fuel cell industry.

"With this funding, Connecticut's Fuel Cell industry will continue to develop a technology that will not only protect our troops but will benefit the state of Connecticut, while protecting the environment and decreasing our nation's dependence on foreign oil", Larson said. "Connecticut is a world leader in fuel cell technology. It is my hope that with this substantial investment by the federal government, states and municipalities will also be encouraged to invest in these technologies and attract these businesses and jobs to the state of Connecticut. I am proud my colleagues in Congress recognize the importance of this industry to our state and our country."

The Fiscal Year 2009 Military Construction-Veterans Affairs bill includes $7.3 million secured by Larson and the Connecticut Delegation to expand the engine shop at the Air National Guard Base at Bradley International Airport, located in Larson's congressional district. The funding will improve and expand the existing Bradley facility to support the CT National Air Guard's engine repair missions.

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