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Congressman Donnelly Calls for Economic Recovery Package

Press Release

Location: South Bend, IN

Congressman Donnelly Calls for Economic Recovery Package

Proposes additional tax rebates, infrastructure investment, extension of unemployment benefits

Today at his second annual economic and energy summit in South Bend, Congressman Joe Donnelly called on Congress to pass a second economic recovery package.

"Hoosiers are hurting as our economy continues to struggle," Donnelly said. "We need to give our economy another shot in the arm and provide immediate relief to working families while maximizing the benefit to the economy. I urge Congress to act quickly to pass an economic recovery package."

This past February, Congress passed an economic stimulus package that provided a tax rebate for the low and middle-income families hit hardest by the economic downturn. More than 130 million families, including 35 million families across the country with individuals who work but make too little to pay income taxes, received a tax rebate.

Donnelly is now advocating for a second economic recovery package that would be aimed at helping Hoosiers who are hurting as prices remain high across the board and as workers continue to be hit hard by layoffs and downsizing. The package would include additional tax rebates, infrastructure investment that would create jobs, and a further extension of emergency unemployment benefits that would target areas with high unemployment rates, such as Elkhart and Howard Counties.

The recent emergency unemployment benefits package—passed in the House with Donnelly's support and signed into law by the president on June 30—made available up to 13 weeks of emergency unemployment benefits for all workers who have exhausted their standard unemployment benefits, regardless of the economic health of their area.

"As I travel around the district, I know folks are hurting with high gas prices and rising food and other costs. It's time for Congress to take further action to get our economy going again. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress so Hoosiers in north central Indiana can start seeing some relief," Donnelly added.

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