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Moran: Congress Must Not Adjourn Until U.S. Energy Policy is Addressed

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Moran: Congress Must Not Adjourn Until U.S. Energy Policy is Addressed

Votes Against Congress Adjourning for the Month of August

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Congressman Jerry Moran this week voted against the resolution allowing Congress to adjourn for the month of August in protest of congressional leaders' refusal to address high energy costs. Moran expressed his frustration that congressional leaders chose to break for five weeks without voting on legislation to lower energy prices for Kansas families, businesses and farmers.

"Congress should not take a month off when many families are unable to afford to take a vacation of their own," Moran said. "Kansans cannot wait any longer. They need a national energy policy that increases the supply of energy, promotes renewable and alternative fuels and encourages conservation. Congress should stay in Washington, D.C., until its work is done. The price of gas at the pump and the cost businesses and farmers face for fuel and fertilizer tell me that it should not be business as usual in Washington, D.C."

Congress traditionally puts its legislative work on hold during the month of August to allow representatives and senators to spend time in their districts and states. Although congressional leaders have decided to go on break, the President is able to call Congress back into session. Moran urged President Bush this week to use his constitutional authority to call Congress into emergency session to address high energy costs.

In addition to voting against adjournment, Moran is also the sponsor of legislation that would prohibit the House of Representatives from adjourning for more than three days in August until an energy policy is approved.

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