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Broun's Briefings


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Broun's Briefings

This Week: Congress welcomes the do-nothing, drill-nothing liberals back to Washington, D.C.; the U.S. Treasury goes into the mortgage business; the liberal Democrats schedule river studies and courthouse naming for the first week of session.

Do-Nothing, Drill-Nothing Liberals Go Back to Washington

Truck drivers are parking their rigs to be repossessed. The poor and elderly haven't been able to afford to drive to the doctor. Families have cancelled summer vacations. Skyrocketing food prices are causing school districts to raise the price on student-lunches. Yet, liberals ignored all of these problems during their five week vacation.

It's not that liberal Democrats don't know that high energy prices are hurting America, it's that they just refuse to do anything about it. There is an overwhelming majority of the House and of the U.S. population who are ready for real energy solutions, but Nancy Pelosi remains loyal to the radical environmentalists.

This week marks Congress's first week back in session after the August recess. However, Republicans are not coming back to Washington because they never left. While Nancy Pelosi was trying to talk people into buying her book, we were talking to people about lowering energy prices in America.

Since July 31st, my colleagues and I have been demanding a vote on the American Energy Act, and we have been calling on Speaker Pelosi to bring the House of Representatives back into session. The Speaker never answered our calls.

We must pass energy legislation that America so desperately needs. We must pass the American Energy Act.

The U.S. Treasury Is Going into the Mortgage Business (With YOUR Money)

Over the weekend, the U.S. Treasury decided to seize the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, taking direct control of about three-fourths of all new home mortgages.

According to the Bloomberg Press, the Treasury's "action leaves open the option favored by former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan to split up and sell off the companies, or a full nationalization that would cement the government's role in mortgage markets."

I see the federal government as a huge ball of socialism that has been wrapped strand by strand over the years. Now, ask yourself, "is it not a form of socialism for the federal government to control seventy-five percent of the mortgage market?"

Where in the United States Constitution is the Executive Branch given the authority to control the mortgages of millions of Americans? What authority does the federal government have to burden American taxpayers with billions of dollars in losses on private home loans?

The federal government has no authority to do any of this!

I sincerely hope that there is an overwhelming public outcry for Congressional action to stop any nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

It should be noted that "nationalization" and "socialization" have nearly the exact definition. The United States Constitution established a Democratic-Republic, not a socialist state, and the federal government has no business getting into the mortgage industry.

Liberals Name Courthouses While Americans Walk to Work

The liberal Democratic leadership of Congress has returned to Washington, D.C. after a very long vacation. An uninformed observer who has not noticed the negligence practiced by House liberals so far this year, would expect them to want to go right to work, but the Congressional calendar reflects otherwise.

The Democrats have scheduled votes to name courthouses, study rivers, and control environmental education.

The American people deserve better. The American people should demand, and deserve, a guaranteed vote to lower the cost of energy.

Liberal Democrats have shown an interest in taking long vacations; they should take a vacation from naming buildings and focus on helping the people whom they are supposed to represent.

America desperately needs to become energy independent, but liberal Democrats have displayed time and time again that they have no intention of making that happen.

They say, "Drive small cars and wait for the wind."

I say, "Start the Drill!" "Serve the American people! And make America energy independent!"

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