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Broun's Briefings

This Week: I spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives demanding a vote on the American Energy Act; local governments are now joining the grassroots movement to pass meaningful energy legislation; the Property Rights Action Caucus is fighting for your individual rights.

No Lights, No Camera, Lots of Action

On Friday, July 31, Nancy Pelosi turned the lights out on the House of Representatives in a new display of partisan disrespect. Pelosi then left Washington, D.C. to peddle her book, in clear disregard for the people's needs.

Since that day, over one-hundred thirty different Republicans have called for a vote on the American Energy Act on the House floor. We Republicans have been working to lower energy costs while the liberals have vacationed.

Nancy Pelosi tried to keep the Republicans from doing the people's business by turning off the lights and cameras, but she couldn't stop us from actively working for American energy independence.

High oil prices are raising prices on food, farming, and law enforcement. Liberal Democrats who "claim" to fight for the poor are actually supporting policies that make energy prices unaffordable for the poor, the elderly, and those citizens who are on fixed incomes. Liberals should stop turning their backs on the people who are most needy.

For my part, I am fighting along side my Republican colleagues to pass an all inclusive energy plan - the American Energy Act - that would lower energy costs overnight if given an up-or-down-vote. This plan has overwhelming bi-partisan support in the House and among millions of American citizens.

We must pass this important piece of legislation to support America's families, farmers, and communities.

Liberals Looking More Out of Touch on Energy

While the liberal Democratic Leadership stubbornly refuses to allow a vote on the American Energy Act, many of their former supporters are changing their tune.

Recently, beautiful Santa Barbra County voted to support coastal oil and natural gas exploration and drilling off of California's coast. This county, which has provided staunch resistance to off shore drilling for decades, now understands that America must become energy independent.

Following Santa Barbra's lead, Carteret County also joined the national majority in asking lawmakers to allow oil and natural gas exploration off the coast of North Carolina.

As many local governments in coastal counties join the nation-wide effort to make America energy independent, the liberal Democratic Leadership looks more and more out-of-touch with the American people.

If Nancy Pelosi refuses to correct her stance on this issue, then she needs to get out of the way and let the people's will prevail. We must be energy independent as a nation in order to have a strong economy.

Protecting Property Rights with the Property Rights Action Caucus

I created the bi-partisan Property Rights Action Caucus (PRAC) in February of this year to help educate elected officials and the public on the importance of property rights and to defend those rights from further erosion.

Property rights are the bedrock for all rights in a free society and are central to the freedom we enjoy as Americans. The federal government must understand that our freedoms and liberties are only as secure as our property rights.

Some of the many issues that the caucus has and will be looking to highlight include, but are not limited to, eminent domain, federal land grabs, intellectual property protection, the Endangered Species Act, patent reform, pharmaceutical issues, compulsory licensing, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other issues involving private property rights.

PRAC has a growing membership of members of the House and is a significant part of my plan to refocus the federal government on the Constitutional rights that all American citizens enjoy.

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