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Linder Opposes Democrat's "No Energy" Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Contact: Derick Corbett

Last night, Representative John Linder (R-GA) joined 188 of his House colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, in standing up for the American people. By voting against Speaker Nancy Pelosi's deceptive energy bill, Representative Linder has shown, once again, that he believes Congress can do better for America.

"I simply can't understand why Speaker Pelosi wants hard-working Americans to pay more at the pump. I assume she believes that we should all pay as much as her constituents in San Francisco for a gallon of gas, because once her energy bill raises taxes on energy companies, both big and small, they will pass along the cost increases to consumers and prices will spike even higher."

Although, Speaker Pelosi's energy bill claims to increase American energy supplies by opening up the Outer Continental Shelf, the reality is very different. Currently, some states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are paid royalties by energy companies in return for being allowed to drill in state-owned waters. While this bill will allow coastal states, like Georgia, to give energy companies permission to drill between 50 and 100 miles of the state's coast, it will ensure companies drill for free, and would take away the ability of those states that currently receive royalties from ever getting any more.

"This phony attempt by Speaker Pelosi and her radical, left-wing, environmental lobbyist friends to convince the American people that this bill will increase energy production and lower prices for consumers is a transparent and obvious attempt at political gain. The American people want real reform and real solutions to our energy problems. They deserve a chance to have their House vote on the Republican alternative energy bill, H.R. 6566, the ‘American Energy Act.'"

Linder added that the most egregious part of the bill is that the entire West Coast will be off-limits to exploration and development. Approximately 95% of the known energy reserves off California are within 25 miles of the coastline, and 100% of the known resources off the shores of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and Central California are within 50 miles of shore. Speaker Pelosi's bill would prohibit drilling in this area forever.

"The future of this country is at stake and Speaker Pelosi seems content to offer fake solutions to real problems. We cannot continue to play these partisan games while the American people suffer with rapidly increasing prices. I stand with the American people in calling on Speaker Pelosi to bring us a clean energy bill free from tax increases, drilling prohibitions, and certain price hikes for consumers."

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