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Ben Wins New Mexico First Debate


Location: Unknown

Ben turned in an impressive performance at the New Mexico First debate, which aired tonight, showing why he is the best qualified to represent New Mexico's 3rd District in Congress. Ben showed that he is the only candidate who will stand up for New Mexico and put families first.

Councilwoman Danielle Duran weighed in on Ben's impressive performance:

Ben Ray Luján made it clear that he will stand up for the people of New Mexico. His focus on middle class tax relief and affordable, accessible health care will help hardworking families across the state. Ben showed a strong command of the issues and convincingly explained that his experience as a Public Regulation Commissioner and his work on energy, health care and the economy will allow him to make an immediate impact as our next member of Congress.

Ben related his experience on the Public Regulation Commission to the major issues facing the next Congress, including health care, energy, infrastructure and holding irresponsible corporations accountable.

The debate opened with a discussion about the health care crisis facing our country. Luján talked about the need to provide affordable, accessible health care for all.

Ben on Health Care:

"There are too many people who are getting left out. We have to make sure we get the health care system fixed."

Ben also talked about the need to provide more and better health care for veterans.

Ben went on to say, veterans "aren't getting the health care they earned and deserve. We need to provide health care for our veterans. They are coming home with alarming rates of PTSD and traumatic brain injury."

The debate moved to the economy. Ben made the middle class a focus of his discussion.

The economy is ignoring the middle class and hardworking people. The framework that the economy has been built on over the last eight years has been an attack on the middle class.

When discussing the recent financial bailout, Ben talked about the need for reform, accountability and oversight and his experience of holding corporations accountable as a Public Regulation Commissioner.

Ben on the bailout:

It's a matter of oversight and accountability. We have to look at the policies that got us here. What got us here were the irresponsible practices by corporate entities. I've taken on corporate irresponsibility on the Public Regulation Commission.

The debate also discussed energy and education.

Ben talked about ending our dependence on foreign oil. He went on to discuss the need to develop renewable energy, which can create new, clean energy jobs right here in New Mexico. He talked about solving the renewable energy storage and transmission problems using our resources in New Mexico, including the labs. As a Public Regulation Commissioner, Ben fought to require utility companies to expand their use of renewable energy. When the Bush Administration refused to address global warming, Ben joined with elected officials in California, Oregon and Washington to create regional solutions to global warming.

Ben talked about scrapping No Child Left Behind and supporting a strong public education system.

Our schools need to teach students to be critical thinkers. We need to invest in our public schools and create a strong public education system.

Tonight, Ben made it clear that he will stand up for the people of New Mexico and focus on the middle class. Ben will work to get our country back on track and bring change to Washington. He has the right experience on all of the issues facing our next Congress, including energy, health care and holding irresponsible corporations accountable.

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