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Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of the Mission Accomplished Speech


Location: Unknown

On May 1, 2003, on the deck of the U.S.S. Lincoln, George W. Bush declared that major combat operations in Iraq were over. Five years later, our troops remain in Iraq without a clear mission and the war is no closer to an end.

Since George W. Bush declared, "mission accomplished" nearly four thousand troops have lost their lives and almost 30,000 have suffered injuries. Many troops have returned from Iraq with lasting injuries that will require long-term physical and mental care. Tragically, the Bush Administration has failed to provide funding and accountability for the Veterans Administration, which has left many of our veterans in danger.

Every week the Iraq War costs the United States $2.4 billion - funding that could be used to repair our infrastructure, better pay our teachers, provide health care or promote renewable energy in the United States so that our foreign policy decisions will not be determined by our need for oil.

I will work with the Democratic majority to bring our troops home immediately and safely. I am committed to standing up for our veterans and making New Mexico a national leader in a new, clean-energy era that will prevent us from entering foreign conflicts to solve our energy needs.

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