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Garrett Gazette - November 10, 2008


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

We owe no greater gratitude than that belonging to our nation's veterans. These service members have sacrificed their lives, comfort, and safety to fight for the continued security of our democracy. From World War II through Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the current War on Terror, our veterans deserve the best that we can give to them.

As President Calvin Coolidge said, ‘The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.' We must take pause more often to thank those who sacrificed their time and in some instances, their lives, so that we may live in freedom. We are fortunate to have these brave men and women share their histories and memories, which are really pieces of themselves. While we can never repay their heroism, we can learn from their experience and thank them for their sacrifice.

I am so very proud of the Members of our Armed Services, and I am very proud to have the privilege of representing them in Congress. I salute our veterans, their families that stand with them, and those who currently serve our great nation. They have fought on the behalf of our country and now it's time for us to fight for them. Rest assured that I will continue to work to protect and provide them with the security and support they need.


Scott Garrett
Member of Congress

HOT TOPICS: The Economy
As many of you are aware, I have been outspoken about the use of taxpayer dollars to bail out troubled companies. Bear Stearns opened the flood gates, then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG and the $700 billion bailout. Now, Congress is contemplating asking the American people to bailout the struggling auto industry. I've included a couple of clips below from this morning, so you can see my comments on some of the most recent economic issues facing our country, including the potential auto industry bailout, the possibility of stimulus 2, and possible choices for HUD Secretary.

FOX Business - Auto Industry Bailout []

FOX Business - HUD Secretary []

FOX News - Stimulus 2 []

The New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers University was recently awarded a Pollution Prevention grant in the sum of $181,240 for a state-wide project to promote non-toxic alternatives to traditional dry cleaning. The center will partner with New Jersey officials and manufacturers to give technical support, fund demonstration projects and educate dry cleaners on viable non-toxic alternatives that they can use to replace commonly-used dry cleaning chemicals.

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