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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 6899, Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. MARKEY. I thank the gentle lady.

Mr. Speaker, this is all part of an ongoing effort by the Republicans to change the subject, to have a drilling distraction, anything to get away from what their true agenda is.

This is something that should be opposed. What the Republicans are trying to do here should be opposed, because what this is really all about, and what they are trying to do now, is to avoid the real debate on the fact that this is a comprehensive energy plan that has been brought to the House floor, that this bill deals with renewables. It deals with conservation. It deals with all of these issues that we need to deal with.

We will see if they mean it when they say they want a comprehensive energy plan, because that's what we are going to be debating today, or have they been simply playing politics, which is what this motion is all about. It's intended to avoid the real debate.

We are going to see a lot of crocodile tears here, shed on the Republican side here, after 12 years of controlling the energy committees, after 8 years of having George Bush and DICK CHENEY in the White House, after the Department of Energy under Republican control, the crocodile tears are flowing with regard to all of their concern about our energy dependence.

That's what this point of order is all about. It's just another distraction, another attempt to get away from the fact that on renewable, on conservation, on efficiency they did almost nothing. It's almost 12 years that they controlled the United States Congress, until last year, in conjunction with the Bush-Cheney secret energy plan.

The Republicans say they want all of the above, but have they here produced a bill which is truly comprehensive?

No, they have not.

Because their plan is not all of the above. The Republican leadership, the White House, and Big Oil is really concerned with all that's below, not all of

[Page: H8156]

the above, all that's below. Our beaches, 3 miles offshore, all of the oil that's below our national parks, all the oil that's below our most pristine wilderness areas, that's what they are in favor of.

Not all of the above, all that's below. They had 12 years controlling this institution to do something about all of the above, wind, solar, geothermal, efficiency. They did nothing.

All of this is just another attempt to get off the point, to have a distraction, which is why we should reject this point of order. America needs an oil change.

All right, we will permit some more drilling, but you also have to have a strategy for the future. They keep saying on the Republican side, drill, baby, drill.

What we are saying is change, baby, change. They can't change. They are still out here with the Big Oil agenda. They are still out here saying no to wind, no to solar, no to efficiency, no to geothermal, no to the future.

Innovate, baby, innovate. Change, baby, change. That's what this debate is all about, and that's what they are trying to do. They are trying to change the subject. They are trying to distract from the fact that they are interested in more drilling, but not a comprehensive energy plan for our country.

That's why it's great that we are having this debate. Because we see, once again, what they did for 12 years, distract the American public, allow ourselves to become more dependent on imported oil and then come out and try to wash their hands of their responsibilities. Vote ``aye.'' Vote for change.


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