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Issue Position: Kurt Schrader's Environmental Protection Plan

Issue Position

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Our country has been dragging its feet for too long on the issue of renewable energy and protecting our environment. Kurt Schrader is proud of the work done by the Oregon Legislature in 2007 on renewable energy and environmental protection. Under Kurt's leadership, Oregon invested in research towards alternative energy sources such as wave energy and biomass that can make Oregon a national leader in renewable energy. Kurt knows we still have a long way to go. As a Member of Congress, Kurt Schrader will continue to fight for alternative energy sources, not just because it makes sense for our environment, but also for our economy.
Energy Independence through Renewable Energy:

Our country has been reliant on a finite supply of oil imported from unstable parts of the world. Kurt Schrader believes that any plan to promote energy independence must center on the development of alternative, renewable energy.

Renewable energy sources such as biomass fuels and solar, wave and wind power represent economic and environmental opportunities for Oregon. Developing these alternatives to carbon-emitting fossil fuels will promote economic development, especially in rural Oregon, and create good-paying jobs that can't be exported.

Kurt Schrader's leadership in this area is clear.

* Kurt fought for Oregon's "25 by 2025" legislation which requires Oregon's largest utilities to receive 25% of their electricity from new, homegrown renewable energy sources by 2025 (2007, SB 838).

* Kurt worked hard to provide tax-incentives to individuals who use bio-diesel and ethanol based fuels (2007, HB 2210).

* Under Kurt's leadership, as Co-Chair of Oregon's Ways & Means Committee, the Legislature increased their investment in renewable energy research.

Kurt Schrader believes it is time for the federal government to follow Oregon's lead in making stronger investments in renewable energy research.
Green Jobs and Economic Development

Kurt Schrader believes that investments in new "green technology" not only promise environmental benefits but also provide economic opportunities for many Oregon communities.

Kurt believes that targeted investments in wind, wave, solar, biomass and other promising alternative energy sources will provide new family-wage jobs to parts of Oregon currently suffering high unemployment.

Oregon is already seeing the benefits of these industries with the construction and planning of new solar and wind power plants that generate clean, renewable energy and provide high quality jobs for Oregon families. Kurt believes we need to continue to foster these sorts of industries in Oregon.

As a Member of Congress Kurt Schrader will continue the work he started in Oregon to increase investment in green technology.
Global Climate Change

Kurt Schrader believes it is time to make a national commitment to addressing global climate change.

Kurt Schrader believes the key to curbing the effects of global warming is to significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Kurt will support significant increases in fuel efficiency standards and strong reduction requirements for carbon emissions. Kurt also believes a strong investment in renewable energy is a key component of reversing global climate change.

Addressing climate change also includes better management of our federal forestry land. Right now, wildfires are wreaking havoc in our forests and releasing vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Kurt understands the need for responsible forest management, which includes thinning forests and harvesting the resulting biomass to produce renewable energy.

As a member of Congress Kurt Schrader will be a strong supporter of curbing the effects of global climate change.

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