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Congressman Donnelly Leads Congressional Delegation to Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

This past week, Congressman Joe Donnelly led a bipartisan congressional delegation to Iraq and Afghanistan in order to visit with U.S. servicemen and women serving there and to gather information about our military efforts. He also stopped in Georgia in order to meet with Georgian leaders and show U.S. support for the democratic country.

"Our troops are working incredibly hard and doing an exceptional job," Donnelly said. "I wanted to bring them the affection and best wishes from everyone in Indiana."

In addition to visiting the troops, Donnelly went to assess the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia and see firsthand the challenges that remain in order to stabilize these countries.

"My first stop was in Iraq, which I found to be significantly more stable since my trip this past December. This was evident to me throughout my travels around the country, and especially in Fallujah," Donnelly added. "The improvements will, hopefully, allow us to withdraw additional troops in the next few months, and we will continue to cede control of more territory to the Iraqis, allowing our soldiers to head home while leaving behind a secure Iraq."

Donnelly then travelled to Afghanistan to meet with U.S. soldiers serving there.

"Afghanistan presents a different set of challenges for our country," Donnelly commented. "The U.S. military is fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda, while also rebuilding the Afghan Army, police and nation almost from scratch. Our goal is to increase the size and skill of the Afghan Army and police so they can protect their nation on their own".

Donnelly's final stop was in Georgia where he met with Georgian leaders to discuss the recent Russian invasion.

"I wanted to go to Georgia to stress to their leaders that the United States fully supports Georgia's democracy and government," Donnelly said.

Donnelly was joined on the trip by Congressmen Donald Cazayoux (D-LA), Steve King (R-IA) and John McHugh (R-NY).

"The bravery, skill, and intelligence of our military members takes your breath away. They achieve progress under the most difficult circumstances and are the reason there is hope for progress in Afghanistan and increasing stability in Iraq. We are very blessed to have such great people serving our country," Donnelly added.

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