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eNews - October 31, 2008


Location: Unknown

1. Providing Relief for Older Americans
2. Frelinghuysen and New Jersey Astronaut Visit New Jersey Schools, Picatinny Arsenal
3. Launches Youth Advisory Council
4. Take a Veteran to School Day
5. Speaks to Operation Medication Awareness
6. Spread the eNews

Providing Relief for Older Americans
On October 17, Rep. Frelinghuysen called on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to suspend annual IRA and 401(k) minimum withdrawal requirements for older Americans.

The law requires Americans 70 and ½ and older to withdraw funds from their IRAs and 401(k)s by the end of the year. With the recent financial downturn, many older Americans will be forced to take financial losses.

The House is expected to reconvene in mid November. When it does, Frelinghuysen will introduce legislation to suspend these withdrawal requirements.

Frelinghuysen and New Jersey Astronaut Visit New Jersey Schools, Picatinny Arsenal
This week, Rep. Frelinghuysen joined NASA Astronaut and Parsippany native, Dr. Garrett Reisman, as he visited his elementary, middle, and Parsippany High School in his hometown. They also visited Picatinny Arsenal, where Reisman's father worked for 36 years.

Reisman completed his first space flight this June. The flight left Earth on March 11 and returned June 14. In total, Reisman spent over three months in space and completed a seven hour spacewalk.

Launches Youth Advisory Council
Last Saturday, Rep. Frelinghuysen launched his Youth Advisory Council at West Morris Central High School. The advisory council is made up of juniors and seniors from across the 11th District.

Members are nominated by school Principals at each high school. Past Youth Advisory Councils have had the opportunity to tour Picatinny Arsenal and meet with Space Shuttle Veteran Astronaut Ellen Baker and NASA Astronaut Lt. Col. Randolph Bresnik.

"I am grateful to all the New Jersey students who have decided to get involved in government through my Youth Advisory Council," said Frelinghuysen. "The council provides me with unique perspectives from young Americans about the issues facing our country.

Take a Veteran to School Day
On Thursday, Rep. Frelinghuysen spoke at "Take a Veteran to School Day" at Thomas Jefferson School in Rockaway, New Jersey. Frelinghuysen was welcomed by school Principal Dr. Patrick Tierney.

Also in attendance were Army Lt. Col. John Stack of Picatinny Arsenal and State Senator Anthony Bucco. A video from General Ray Odierno, commander of coalition forces in Iraq and a Morris Hills High School graduate, was played at the event.

"'Take a Veteran to School Day' is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet the brave men and women who have sacrificed to defend our freedom," said Frelinghuysen. "Our nation owes a great debt to our veterans, and we should use every chance we have to recognize their service. I am grateful to Thomas Jefferson School for hosting the event and am proud to have been a part of it."

Speaks to Operation Medication Awareness
Rep. Frelinghuysen spoke to the "Operation Medication Awareness" annual conference in Whippany, New Jersey on Wednesday.

"Operation Medication Awareness" was founded 28 years ago by pharmacists Lee Gladstein and Anthony Graziano to educate older Americans about medications and health care.

"It is important to provide older Americans with information about medications, health care, and services," said Frelinghuysen. "New Jersey residents are fortunate to have "Operation Medication Awareness" within the 11th District. Their efforts over the last 28 years have helped older Americans live healthier lives."

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