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Tomah Journal - Congressman Ron Kind Brings Campaign to Tomah

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Location: Tomah, WI

Tomah Journal - Congressman Ron Kind Brings Campaign to Tomah

Congressman Ron Kind discussed health care, the financial crisis and stressed government unity on the campaign trail in the Tomah area on Thursday.

Kind visited Tomah, as well as Fort McCoy and Volk Field, with less than two weeks before Election Day, and he said that people in Western Wisconsin have a lot on their minds as Election Day approaches.

"We are down to the final 12 days (until the election) and there is a lot of economic anxiety out there," Kind said. "We to start rebuilding this country again. There is all of this talk of a bailout. We need to start talking about a "build up."

Kind has served as the congressman of Wisconsin's Third District since 1996. He was re-elected for a fifth time in 2006, and became a member of the majority party in the House of Representatives for the first time.
"The last two years have been busy," Kind said. "When we took back the majority we instituted pay as you go budgeting, which we had in the 1990s during years of budget surpluses. Bush did away with pay as you go budgeting and we had the largest and fastest accumulation of debt in our nation's history."

Kind said that over the past two years, congress has taken on many other tough issues, like ethics reform, and there is still a lot to be done.

"There is still so much unfinished business,"Kind said. "We need health care reform, we need to focus on education and energy."

Kind is also the chairman of the Sportsman's Caucus where he said that he works to help preserve land and water resources. Kind is also the chairman of Sportsman for Obama in Wisconsin.

When you look at the candidates (Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, and Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona), there is very little difference when it comes to the second amendment, Kind said. Neither candidate will take guns away from law-abiding citizens. The difference lies with conservation issues. Obama has voted for them 86 percent of the time. John McCain has only voted for them 27 percent of the time. You need gun rights, but you also need to address conservation issues.

Kind is being challenged by Republican Paul Stark and Libertarian Kevin Barrett in the Nov. 4 election. Kind said that there are many differences between himself and his opponents, but a major difference for Kind is what he feels is the divisive tone of his opponents.

I believe congress works best when it is bipartisan, Kind said. This is more true now than ever. My opponents are too dividing, when we need people who will listen and bring this nation together.

Kind also said that if elected he will continue to be a voice for healthcare, education, farmers and veterans. He said that he is proud of his record of support for the nation's veterans and the passing of the recent GI bill. He is also proud of recent funding increases for VA Hospitals and his authorship of the Veteran's History Project.

"We need to preserve our veterans' stories," Kind said. "It is as simple as setting up a video camera and sharing their story"

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