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Stevens Asks for Alaskans' Vote in Special 2-Minute Ad

Press Release

Location: Anchorage, AK

Stevens Asks for Alaskans' Vote in Special 2-Minute Ad

"My future is in God's hands. Alaska's future is in yours."

Alaskans across the state tonight watched a heartfelt and direct message from Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) where he appealed to voters telling them: "My future is in God's hands. Alaska's future is in yours." Throughout the special two-minute advertisement, Senator Stevens spoke to Alaska families about why they should re-elect him and how he still is an effective fighter for our state.

View the ad online on YouTube.

Senator Stevens spoke bluntly about how government lawyers abuse their power in trying to prosecute his case. "Sometimes innocent men are found guilty. This is one of those times," said Stevens.

The ad featured a statement made by former U.S. Attorney for Alaska, Wev Shea. Last week, Mr. Shea told a local radio show host, "The conduct of this prosecution team in evaluating the evidence is just beyond the pale. It's unethical. It's unprofessional. It's unconscionable. It's the worst professional conduct I've seen in over 40 years."

The Senator also dismissed claims that he would not be able to serve in the Senate if re-elected, saying "as my defense team clears my name, I assure you I will continue to serve in the Senate when I earn your vote."

During the ad, Senator Stevens highlighted the wide variety of legislative successes he achieved for Alaska while the trial was under way. These included tax relief for Exxon Valdez oil spill victims, funding new alternative energy projects, and protecting children from Internet predators.

Ten Alaska television stations aired the unique two-minute television message Monday evening. This innovative approach to communicating with voters has never been used by an Alaska candidate.

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