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New Follow Up Speech

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The people not only of the united states but the whole world has missed out
again to make the highest jump in human evolutionary thinking, to advance our species to a more beneficially universal level, and who do we have to thank for this I will list them for you, 1. all taxpayers, 2.overpriced lawyers, 3 uneducated voters, 4.all judges,5.eyesore fanatics,6.the state of California,7.county & city of L.A., 8. LAPD, & all vicious cycle law enforcers, 9. all religious beliefs not backed by HARD COLD EVIDENCE & PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF ANY KIND OF GOD, 10. the MAIN STREAM MEDIA, 11. people who block simple solutions to the worlds problems, 12. political parties who are secretly EVIL & have a monopoly on who gets enough attention to get elected by the 5th. grade mentality of the USA, 13.bilderberg trilateral influence, & the list is to long for keeping track of,& not enough people care about the advanced warnings until the problem is at their doorsteps. POLITICAL EINSTEIN'S like myself will disappear into radioactive background with all the secrets of super-successful administrations which would've made the world a safer place, there will never be a unanamious political uprising in America What a shame all you people don't want to unamimously write in your vote for me. What a shame the Internet can't be used for a real revolution to quicker & better government, but I do know this the ongoing damages that have been done to me were done by people that can never see or feel the truth, for me to remain an extremely unhappy prisoner of this planet & it's violent production is wrong if only they would have left me alone I could 've changed things for the better side of existence & outlawed the stealth like evil forces that have a strangle hold on all of us whether you agree with me or not, Enjoy the invisible cages all of you live in. sincerely the one & only true Emperor & president of the U.S.since 1996 HRMS Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte.

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