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KSLA - Senate Candidate Kennedy Visits Shreveport

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Location: Shreveport, LA

KSLA - Senate Candidate Kennedy Visits Shreveport

By Katrina Webber

The campaign trail for United States Senate candidate John Kennedy has led through Shreveport, where the Republican hoped to drum up some last minute support in time for next week's election.

Kennedy's only stop in Shreveport Wednesday was at Strawn's Eat Shop Too on E. 70th Street.

After shaking hands and visiting briefly with customers inside, the candidate stepped outdoors to address members of the media. He used the opportunity to reiterate his campaign promises, saying that, if elected, he would not raise taxes but would cut big government spending.

"I can talk to you about the federal travel budget which has never been tried. If we cut it just 10 percent, we'll save $20 billion," Kennedy said. "I can talk to you about cutting the federal vehicle budget and I'm not talking about the military."

Throughout his campaign, Kennedy has painted himself as a conservative Republican, much in line with Presidential candidate John McCain. By contrast, he has run ads calling his opponent Democrat Mary Landrieu a liberal who aligns herself with McCain's opponent, Barack Obama.

Recent polls show Obama is favored by voters in several states, including some like New Mexico and Nevada which have traditionally backed Republican candidates.

But Kennedy says he's not concerned that the apparent enthusiasm for Obama might automatically carry over to Landrieu.

"The fact that Senator Landrieu has endorsed Senator Obama and has voted with him in the United States Congress 81 percent of the time, and the fact that I'm supporting McCain says a lot about our view of the world," he said. "Will it help? Will it hurt? I don't know."

Landrieu also spent at least part of the day drumming up support. Her schedule showed she was due to appear in Baton Rouge where several state law enforcement officials were due to announce their support for her re-election bid.

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