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Steve's Closing Remarks at the League of Women Voters Debate


Location: Unknown


These speech is "as prepared," because the clock ran out before Steve could finish the last couple paragraphs. Tim Murphy grimaced throughout.
I am pleased that my opponent has taken the time to discuss these issues. Lately, my opponent has turned this campaign into an incessant stream of nasty and untrue political ads, fueled with money from the oil, drug and insurance companies. I believe that these ads are beneath his character and the office he holds. I am determined to stick to the issues, and to give Pennsylvania voters a real choice on Election Day.

Tonight's debate is about the issues, so I won't go further into the morality of politicians who launch such attacks. If you want to find out more about my views on this, you can check my web site.

But let me just say briefly negative attacks are a major reason why Americans hate politics. They hate the fact that politicians use money from their corporate sponsors to run these ads, and that they can use money from corporate sponsors to defend themselves in court if they are sued.

Politicians have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by fighting dirty. But there is one good thing about it - IT REVEALS WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

I am running because, like you, I disdain the politics of big money.

I don't want to send someone to Washington whose campaign is fueled with petrodollars, only to find out that he has voted for tax cuts for big oil.

I don't want a politician who collects from the drug companies - then votes to prevent the government from negotiating better prices for Medicare prescription drugs.

I don't want a Congressman who takes money from Halliburton, then refuses to provide meaningful oversight over waste and fraud in Iraq.

I want someone in Washington who really represents me. This is why I am running a different kind of campaign.

Unlike my opponent, I don't have over a million dollars from special interests and wealthy contributors to spend on television ads. So you won't see many of my ads on TV.

My campaign is about turning the clock back on the Bush administration and its supporters.

My campaign is about independence from the oil, drug and insurance companies.

My campaign is about providing real representation to NO ONE BUT YOU.

My opponent wants you to believe that he is a moderate, and that he has never really been a strong supporter of George Bush. But only a few years ago, when the Bush administration was doing the bulk of its damage, Tim Murphy was a loyal foot soldier for George Bush and Dick Cheney, voting with the President during those years 80%, 84%, 87% and 98% of the time.

Do you think Dick Cheney raised over $200,000 for Tim Murphy in a single night because Mr. Murphy was a thorn in the Vice President's side?

Tim Murphy boasts that last year he only voted with George Bush 50% of the time. Has he has seen the light? Or has he seen the handwriting on the wall. As far as I'm concerned, voting with the Bush administration 50% of the time is about 50% too much.

I have four words for Mr. Murphy - TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

If the next President makes horrible mistakes like the ones that have plagued the Bush administration, I will not remain silent. I will stick up for what's right. And I will stick up for you.

I will fight to do the things that have been neglected for the last six years.

* I will fight for universal health care.
* I will fight to create an environment in which American businesses can thrive, so we can bring better jobs to Western Pennsylvania.
* I will fight to make college more affordable
* I will fight to protect Social Security, and to lower the price of Medicare prescription drugs.
* I will fight to create cheaper, alternative sources of energy which will help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.
* And I will vote to end the costly war in Iraq, and to bring our troops home to the heroes welcome that they deserve.

We have spoken at length about the issues tonight, and I'm sure that there is much I have forgotten. As I've said, I'm not a professional politician or a seasoned debater. I am more like you.

So if you want to find out more about where I stand, please check my web site --

The site is filled with important and entertaining information about both me and my opponent.

If you want an independent voice in Washington, then I'm your man. I don't take money from the oil, drug, and insurance companies. I don't owe anything to anyone. So if you send me to Washington, I won't represent anyone but you.

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