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Cynthia says, "We must End the Death Penalty"

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Cynthia says, "We must End the Death Penalty"

George Wright was executed by the State of Texas on October 30th, 2008, declaring in his final words, "Before you is an innocent man."

These were Cynthia Mckinney's words to family and death penalty opponents gathered in Huntsville Texas as the state killed another to show us that killing is wrong.

"Thank you so much. I am sad to join you, those of you you have a conscience and want the United States to join the community of nations that respects life, rights, administration of justice. It is one things to theoretically, academically, intellectually be against the death penalty. Its quite another thing when you meet the family of someone who has maintained his innocence throughout this entire ordeal. Yet they find themselves on the opposite side of justice.

"People on this country, some people in this country, most people in this country, have believed in the justice system in this country. They have believed that they would never be the victims of injustice in this country. And yet I am here in the very place where Shaka Sankofa was murdered by the state of Texas. Texas is the Execution Capitol of the world. And why is it that the state of Texas wants the world to know that killing is wrong and yet it engages in killing.

"Our President, George W Bush has engaged in killing. One million Iraqis dead from war and occupation. How many Afghanis dead from war and occupation? How many Paksitanis dead from war and occupation? The war machine is a death machine. Its a killing machine. And as a representative of the Green Party, as a leader of the Green Party, I join with the families who are here right now and say, 'We must end all of this killing, including the death penalty, including the use of depleted uranium munitions, including the march, the interminable march of the U.S. imperialistic war machine.'

"Misty, thank you, for allowing me to be here. Thank you for helping me to understand how barbaric this country can treat people who believe in it still. Thank you."

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