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Norm Coleman to Other Groups & Campaigns: Enough Is Enough

Press Release

Location: St. Paul, MN


In response to new ads and campaign materials that run afoul of Senator Coleman's continued call to present Minnesota voters with a positive campaign that rises above negativity and attack ads, Senator Norm Coleman today reiterated his call for other campaigns and independent groups to take down negative ads and materials, as his campaign has already done. Senator Coleman asked Mr. Franken again to join him in denouncing all negative ads, including the attack ads his campaign is currently running as well as those from outside groups.

"Minnesotans deserve better than the non-stop attack ads and direct mail pieces that add to the partisan divide and negativity in this campaign season," said Senator Coleman. "Today I ask outside groups and the other Senate campaigns to join me in running a positive campaign and ask Mr. Franken to join me in condemning all attack ads and mail piece from this point forward. Let's use this last week of the campaign to give Minnesotans what they want and deserve: a campaign based on issues, real contrasts on positions and records."

While not legally allowed to contact outside groups directly, Senator Coleman has consistently called on those who are supporting his campaign to comply with his pledge to run a positive campaign. Given recent advertisements by outside groups both supporting and opposing his campaign, Senator Coleman asked Al Franken on Sunday to join him in denouncing both his own negatives ads and those of outside groups supporting him, including the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, as well as the groups supporting Senator Coleman, including the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

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