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Fact Check... Dennis Moore Lies, Exaggerates, and Gets His Facts Wrong

Press Release

Location: Overland Park, KS

FACT CHECK... Dennis Moore Lies, Exaggerates, and Gets His Facts Wrong

Moore lies to voters in the 3rd District, hiding his real record.

3rd District Congressman Dennis Moore is beginning to look desperate after misrepresenting himself and his votes in Congress in a series of public appearances. Dennis Moore is fighting to hang on to his seat representing Kansas, as he faces a tough race against State Senator Nick Jordan.

Jordan has gained significant traction in the weeks following Dennis Moore's vote to bail-out Wall Street on the backs of taxpayers, and revelations of direct culpability in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac high risk loan program that brought the economy to a standstill. Also coming to light, $64,000 in donations from financial institutions Moore received within 48-hours of his bailout vote - for which those donors directly benefitted.

In a series of public appearances, Moore has tried to hide from, mislead and in at least one case, out-and-out lie about his own record and his opponents record - all in an attempt to recover from the past few weeks of public disapproval.

Let's cover the facts and lies one by one:

* Moore's Lie: He says he's in favor of secret union ballots and against union boss "card check" policy.
(Radio Interview 10/24/08 980 KMBZ)

Fact: Dennis Moore co-sponsored a bill (H.R. 800) and was on the wrong side of an amendment (RCV 116) enabling union bosses to use "card check" policy in the work place, doing away with secret ballots for employees - hurting workers and making it harder for businesses to create and keep jobs.

* Moore's Lie: He says he never agreed to a third debate with Nick Jordan. He also states that he doesn't recall saying at the outset of the 2nd debate that it would be his final debate. (Radio Interview 10/24/08 980 KMBZ)

Fact: Both Nick Jordan and Dennis Moore notified the Kansas Farm Bureau of their acceptance of the third and final debate scheduled for this Wednesday, October 29th. This was verified in a letter from the Farm Bureau that stated the following:

"Thanks to both of you for agreeing to this event. We're excited about the potential to educate voters and hopefully give each of your candidates an opportunity to discuss the issues." - Kansas Farm Bureau, October 10, 2008.

Fact: Moore later backed out of the debate, emphatically stating at the beginning of the 2nd debate that it would be the final debate saying. "This will be the second and last debate we have". (Dennis Moore, Johnson County Public Policy Council Debate, 10/22/08)
* Moore's Lie: He says he doesn't want to raise your taxes during tough economic times.
(Radio Interview 10/24/08 980 KMBZ)

Fact: Dennis Moore says that he will vote to let the '01 and '03 tax cuts expire and even admitted that the effect of this will be a tax increase on Americans. (Later in the same Radio Interview 10/24/08 980 KMBZ)

Fact: Just this year, Dennis Moore voted for a budget with record level spending that paves the way for the largest tax increase in American history, voting repeatedly to let the '01 and '03 tax cuts expire, raising taxes on everyone who files a tax return. (RCV 141, 212, 382)

Dennis Moore needs to get his facts straight and stop lying to voters in the 3rd District. Moore is obviously feeling the heat because of his vote for the flawed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street fat cats and the $64,000 in financial contributions he took from those companies within 48-hours of his vote. When will Dennis Moore return his tainted bailout money? We're still waiting to find out.

Dennis Moore has been part of the broken system in Congress for the last ten years where he sat on the House Financial Services Committee and failed to heed the warning signs and red flags about our economy, instead he helped enable the crisis we're now in.

It's time to Wake up Washington, fix our broken Congress, and get things done for the people of Kansas and all Americans. Nick Jordan is ready, willing, and able to find the solutions we need and take the action necessary to address the problems now facing our nation.

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