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Dennis Moore's Answer to the 64,000 Dollar Question is...

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Location: Overland Park, KS

Dennis Moore's Answer to the 64,000 Dollar Question is...

Dennis Moore finally responded to the $64,000 Question -- would he return the over $64,000 in tainted bailout money that he took from failing financial institutions within 48-hours of his vote to bail them all out with $700 billion in taxpayer money? Moore has chosen not to return the money, which would go a long way towards returning the faith of voters to the political process. Instead, he responded by saying, "The people in this county and this district know that money came in after the vote, not before..." (As reported by KMBC-TV on 10/22/2008)

Dustin Olson, campaign manger for Nick Jordan for Congress responded, "I think we all know the money came in after the vote... that's the whole point, Sherlock."

Moore has spent much of the last few weeks avoiding questions about the $34,000 he took on the day of his vote for the flawed $700 billion Wall Street bailout, and the nearly $30,000 he took on the following day. After the 2nd debate with Jordan, Moore quickly left the venue refusing to speak with local media after Nick Jordan asked him to return the tainted money. Prior to that, Moore announced he was backing out of the third scheduled debate between the two Congressional candidates.

"It doesn't surprise me that he wants to hide, he has a lot to hide from," said Olson.

Dennis Moore is part of a broken system in Congress. Moore has been in office for ten long years, during those ten years he's served on the House Financial Services Committee, the Committee directly responsible for oversight of Wall Street. During this time, Moore supported policies that helped create the financial crisis we face today.

Dennis Moore needs to go. Kansans are frustrated with politics-as-usual in Congress and the last thing we need is "Moore of the same." It's time to "Wake up Washington!"

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