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Mickelson, Miller-Meeks Give Views on Causes of Financial Issues at GOP Event

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Mickelson, Miller-Meeks give views on causes of financial issues at GOP event

By: Ron Slechta

Both 2nd district Congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks and WHO radio talk show host Jan Mickelson urged people to get involved in government at all levels. They also laid the blame of the nation's financial crisis on the failed home mortgage practices and Democratic blockage of attempts to get control of the problems in both 2003 and 2005.

Both spoke at the Washington County Republican banquet at the 4-H Building at the Washington County Fairgrounds Saturday evening, October 4. Supervisor candidates speaking were Jim Miksch, Washington, first district; Wes Rich, Kalona, second district; Adam Mangold, West Chester, District 4; and James C. Rosien, Washington, District 5. Other county office candidates speaking were incumbent Auditor William C. Fredrick and Sheriff Jerry A. Dunbar.

Iowa House District 89 GOP candidate Jarad Klein, rural Keota, was critical of the 17% increase in state spending since Democrats took control of the Iowa Legislature and Gov. Chet Culver took office. "Spending at the state level is out of control,' he said.

He said he would work hard for fiscal responsibility at the sate level. He was also critical with Gov. Culver for failing to call a special session to deal with issues caused by this summer's floods.

Klein said there would be a special announcement made at his fundraiser at the Farm Bureau office in Washington on Oct. 29 from 5 to 7 p.m. He invited others to join him as he is going door to door.

Miller-Meeks expressed disappointment in the $850 billion federal bailout, stating it wasn't the only way Congress could have acted. She blamed the failure on too much government involvement.

"What we have is a leadership crisis (in Washington, D.C.),"She also pointed out that the Democrats blocked efforts of Senator John McCain and the Bush Administration to try to bring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under control in 2005. And Senator Barney Frank blocked every effort of the Administration to head off the financial crisis.

Miller-Meeks was critical of Congressman Dave Loebsack (D) for voting for the bailout and his lack of leadership. She noted she has lost faith in Congress but has faith the people of America will vote in the right people. She encouraged others to get involved, noting she has come from nothing to be a doctor and a candidate for Congress.
Jan Mickelson traced the nation's financial crisis back to the creation of the "Community Re-investment Act" in the Carter administration and spread of "no money down" mortgages that were encouraged in the Clinton Administration.

Mickelson stated that the Bush Administration tried to get the home mortgage crisis under control in 2003, but Democrat Barney Frank and the Black Caucus blocked all efforts. He charged that Senator Frank has a serious conflict of interest as his lover and partner had a high-ranking position in Freddie Mac. Senator Frank blocked all attempts to get tighter regulations on the two mortgage agencies.

Mickelson also detailed how ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) had lobbied Congress against any tighter regulations on home mortgages and encouraging home loans to people with no credit history and those not really qualified for home mortgages.

ACORN's attorney was Barack Obama (D presidential candidate) and that ACORN has been involved in voter fraud in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Mickelson also pointed out two of Obama' s financial advisors ripped off Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for millions of dollars in bonuses. Also, Obama has received over $126,348 in contributions from Fannie Mae, second only to Senator Dodd who got $165,400 over 10 years.

Mickelson explained that the fraudulent groups like ACORN had gotten control of leaders because of a practice he called "Jamming" which means they jam people's thought process so that they loose control of their reasoning.

These are the same type of "jamming" practices that the Chinese used to control American POW's during the Korean War.

Mickelson also raised concerns as to where Obama is getting his record $460,000,000 in campaign funds. He said because Obama did not take federal campaign funds so he would not have to disclose that some of his funding is coming from overseas from such countries as China, North Korea, etc.

Everyone who has donated to the McCain-Palin campaign is listed on McCain's website.

Mickelson and Miller-Meeks both stressed that the best way to combat the fraud going on in Congress is for people to get involved.

Mickelson said Miller -Meeks understands what has to be done and she should be sent to Washington, D.C.

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