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Garrett Campaign Asks "Where Is Dennis Shulman on Taxes?"

Press Release

Location: Newton, NJ

The Garrett for Congress campaign today issued the following statement regarding Dennis Shulman's silence on tax reform:

"It has been 394 days since Dennis Shulman announced he was forming an exploratory committee to run for Congress. For 394 days, he has remained silent on many issues, including his plan to ease the tax burden on New Jersey's families. In 394 days, he hasn't managed to come up with a plan.

"Is his silence because he's unwilling to admit that he supports tax increases for New Jerseyans to pay for the additional government programs he proposes?

"As New Jersey residents face ongoing pain at the pump, a continuing mortgage crisis, and a $700 billion federal bailout, where is Dennis Shulman? He claims to be a ‘progressive patriot' yet seems to follow a strict code of silence when it comes to key matters, refusing to speak on the issues that impact New Jerseyans.

"When Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi introduced their "Mother of All Tax Hikes," with a price tag of $1.3 trillion, Dennis Shulman was silent. While the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) punishes New Jerseyans harder than taxpayers in most other states, Dennis Shulman remains silent.
"Dennis Shulman wants voters to send him to Congress to speak on their behalf. If he won't tell people what he believes while he is here in the Fifth District, why should they trust him to speak for them in Washington?

"In contrast, Scott Garrett has been committed to delivering tax relief for New Jersey families since he was first elected to Congress. Among his efforts to reduce the tax burden on New Jerseyans is the AMT Middle Class Fairness Act, which would alleviate much of the stress this stealth tax places on families. This bill would allow state and local taxes to be deducted from the AMT tax and would adjust the AMT exemption amount for inflation.
"Scott Garrett has also fought for tax relief for members of the military. He introduced the Armed Forces Tax Relief Act and the Strengthening America's Military Families Act. Both bills are designed to put more money into the pockets of troops fighting in combat zones and their families back home.

"In the fight to protect New Jersey pocketbooks, where is Dennis Shulman?"

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