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MR. SCOTT: Let's ask Congresswoman of Tennessee. She is a McCain supporter. Why change the topic right now, Congresswoman?

REP. BLACKBURN: The reason to change the topic and the reason to bring national security back to the focus is exactly what we've spent the last few minutes talking about: homeland security. People see things like the car chase, and they say, "My goodness, what in the world is happening here in our country?"

What do we do to keep ourselve safe? How do we look appropriately at our national security, our homeland security, our economic security, retirement security for our seniors, and this is when they sit at the kitchen table over supper tonight and say, "You know what, who is going to do the best job of not only protecting our homeland but protecting our future and protecting our nation's freedoms?"

MR. SCOTT: Well, the suggestion is that a lot of people don't make up their mind until maybe about now, the last week or so before the election.

REP. BLACKBURN: That's right.

MR. SCOTT: Do you think if they're ticking off the list of items that concern them, they're going to go, "Okay, economy, number one; national security, maybe number two"?

REP. BLACKBURN: I -- I do. I think that the economic security, job security is great. You know, listening to Senator Obama's speech earlier, I couldn't help but think -- and most people will tell you if they -- if you ask them "Where you better off two years ago than you are today?" they will say, "Absolutely."

We had jobs growth. We had income increasing. And the thing that has changed in the past two years is that the Democrats have taken control of both chambers in Congress, both the House and the Senate. And they have increased regulation, they are increasing spending, they're increasing taxes. On top of all of this, according to Investor's Business Daily, Barack Obama would spend $1 trillion more -- 1 trillion (dollars) more -- to implement his programs. This is right out of the gate.

And even the L.A. Times says he cannot go in and find anywhere to make a cut. And as people begin to think about that and then they come back and they look at protecting this nation, protecting our homeland, protecting our freedoms, they say, "Who do I trust to make certain that our tomorrows are better than our yesterday?"

And when they do that, I think they're going to settle on John McCain. That's certainly what we are hearing from people out on the campaign trail, whether we're in Ohio or Florida or in Tennessee or in Mississippi or wherever.

MR. SCOTT: Congresswoman --

REP. BLACKBURN: They are looking at who has the experience and who they feel that they can trust to keep America safe.

MR. SCOTT: Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. I want to thank you very much.

REP. BLACKBURN: Thank you.

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