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Letter to Constituents


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Letter to Constituents

It has been a productive week on the campaign trail and I would like to share with you some of what we have been doing.

But first, I want to remind you to tune in to Prairie Public television this evening at 8:30 and tomorrow at 5:30 p.m., for the round table debate I recorded with Gov. John Hoeven.

As we woke up this morning with more bad news of the nation's financial markets under the Bush administration failing to function, I headed for Linton, Wishek and Napoleon to talk with voters. All day I learned of their concerns of health care, taxes and the economy. And, our seniors are now starting to worry about the potential losses in their pension and retirement accounts—it is a perfect example why Hoeven was wrong to welcome George W. Bush to North Dakota when he was rolling out his plan to privatize Social Security. As governor I will make sure to fight to make sure our seniors have the security they so rightfully deserve.

Earlier this week Hoeven held a press conference with nothing but a bunch of fancy charts trying to demonstrate that he has been a leader in regard to the state's lack of pipeline and transmission capacity. The bottom line is that our small oil companies are being gouged by price discounts that occur when there is a lack of pipeline capacity and that fuel prices continue to go up. A Mathern administration will make sure we have the pipeline infrastructure needed to enjoy a future as an energy exporting state, helping to limit our state and nation's dependence on foreign oil.

As the last four weeks of the campaign are upon us, I ask you to think seriously about the direction our country is going and the negative impact we will have in North Dakota with another four years of a governor who has supported the failed policies of the Bush administration. John Hoeven is out of step with the values we hold dear. In Washington and in Bismarck, we need a change of leadership.

Next week I will be campaigning in the eastern part of the state. I look forward to meeting you on the trail.


Sen. Tim Mathern

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