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Times-News - McCrory Greets Party Faithful at GOP Rally

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Times-News - McCrory Greets Party Faithful at GOP Rally

Jessica Goodman

Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican candidate for governor, was in attendance at the Rally for Victory event with the Henderson County Republican Party on Saturday at Jackson Park.

He addressed the negative ads being run against him by the Democratic nominee for governor, what he would bring to Western North Carolina as governor of the state and the need for a change of power in Raleigh.

"I'm convinced people are looking for positive leadership," said McCrory. "I'm convinced of that."

McCrory spoke of the "culture of corruption" in Raleigh, and said he plans to change it once he takes office. He told the people of Western North Carolina that "you will see me after the election in Henderson County," explaining he would be more involved with the people in the state.

There is a governor's house in the western part of the state, and McCrory said he would expect to stay there. He would also like to visit people in their homes like he has during the past nine months.

"You're going to have a governor you see and hear from," said McCrory.

He also addressed the issue of energy and the recent gas shortage, saying, "I want North Carolina to be part of the energy solution.

McCrory added, "We need an east to west grid," so instead of relying on the gas line from Houston and Louisiana, North Carolina could depend on the gas supply off their own course. McCrory explained he wants North Carolina to use its natural resources to be part of the energy solution. He added he believes in nuclear power, clean coal, wind and solar energy sources.

McCrory also wants to work to enforce the laws in North Carolina. He explained the same people are being arrested over and over again.

"If you deal with the person the first time," he said it would save the state money.

"The state (needs ) to follow through with the prosecution," he added.

He contradicted one of his opponent Bev Perdue's ads that accuses him of cutting salaries for police officers and firemen. McCrory told the crowd he's raised those salaries every year he's been mayor.

McCrory said his administration would work to bring jobs to North Carolina. In the past nine months, McCrory said he's toured factories in the western part of the state, everything from furniture makers to plants in the biotech industry. He said he hasn't given up on manufacturing in North Carolina. McCrory said the one tax he hopes to cut is the income tax.

Addressing the current economic crisis, McCrory said the first step to fixing the problem is creating a relationship with the banks, or any business, to help create a solution.

"Working with a small or large business," said McCrory, "they want a relationship, where they are shown appreciation for the jobs they've created. They want to be seen as partners and not villains."

An educated workforce in North Carolina is also necessary to attract companies to the area. McCrory hopes to not only push students to four-year colleges, but he also wants to reintroduce vocational/technical educations to the high schools. He wants to "match our economic strategy with our education strategy."

"We're all in this game together to help build our economy and bring in new jobs," added McCrory.

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