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Jeb Bradley Comments on Vote on Bail Out Legislation

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Location: Manchester, NH


1st Congressional District Candidate Jeb Bradley released the following statement today on Congress's vote on the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Bill:

"Now that Congress has voted against passing this bill, it is important that Congress not adjourn and stay in Washington DC and work until a solution is agreed upon. It is my hope that Congress will respond to this spreading credit crisis before it becomes a crisis of confidence in the American economy.

This situation is critical for small businesses that need credit to keep running, for all Americans who depend on credit and their job security and for all retirees and anyone with a pension or 401k. As a former small business owner, I know any legislation has to protect and be fair to Main Street and working Americans, while holding Wall Street accountable.

Unfortunately, this bill did not have enough provisions that satisfactorily address these concerns. Too many New Hampshire families have been working too hard, for too long, for too little to be footing the bill for the failures of Wall Street and Washington.

Congress must find a way to pass a bill that works for America and provides a maximum benefit for taxpayers. We need a "work out" not a "bail out" to solve this. Possible avenues to improve the bill should be reform of accounting rules, full transparency of assets acquired and sold and strengthening of insurance provisions.

Politics must be put aside for the sake of the people. We need leadership not partisanship.

The efforts of our Senator, Judd Gregg, cannot go unnoticed. Working with the Democratic Majority, Senator Gregg worked hard to find a common ground. We look forward to his continued hard work and leadership.

There is an opportunity for a bi-partisan solution and I ask that our Congressmen and women return to the table until one is approved."

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