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Jeb Bradley Statement on Carol Shea-Porter's Support of Ethically Challenged Colleague


Location: Manchester, NH


Shea-Porter Votes Her Party Line Again and Supports Her Top Contributor

Earlier this week, 1st District Congressional Candidate Jeb Bradley called on Carol Shea-Porter to return the $14,000 in donations from embroiled New York Congressman Charles Rangel and request he step down from his Chairmanship of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. As is well documented in the public, Congressman Rangel has admitted to not paying taxes on rental income for two decades, and has three outstanding Congressional Inquiries for his misuse of Congressional stationary for non-official use, improperly accepting cut rent from a campaign donor on four New York City Apartments & improperly using one as a campaign office. Recent news reports have also blasted the Congressman for sponsoring an earmark to fund a library dedicated to himself. Carol Shea-Porter, this summer, voted against censuring Rangel when the vote was brought to the House floor. (Roll Call 546)

Now, Carol Shea-Porter voted to maintain her 100% support status of Nancy Pelosi and vote against a House Resolution to force Rangel to step down as Ways & Means Chairman while the ethics committee investigates the charges against him and create a subcommittee to look into the issue. (House Roll Call 609).

"I am amazed that a person such as Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who ran for office on a platform of bringing an open and ethical process to the public, refuses to practice what she preached. The committee Rangel chairs is the very one that creates the laws he has admitted to not following, by not reporting tens of thousands of dollars of income. Yet, Carol Shea-Porter will not break her stride with Nancy Pelosi's voting record. Congresswoman Shea-Porter needs to explain to the public why she keeps supporting Rangel and why she refuses to return the money she has accepted from this very embroiled Congressman." -- Jeb Bradley, Candidate, 1st Congressional District, NH

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