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Gas Soars, Economy Slumps, and Congress Goes on Vacation!


Location: Manchester, NH


Jeb Bradley Comments on Congress's Decision to Take a Break Without Finishing Job.

The US House of Representative today decided by a vote of 213 to 212 to break for vacation.. Jeb Bradley released the following statement regarding the August recess.

"Gas prices are soaring, the economy is in dire straits, Congress hasn't voted on domestic drilling as the public has demanded, and has done nothing to help working families in America. But what has Congress decided to take action on? A five week vacation. This is an absolute disgrace. While Congress takes a break for more than a month, working families will be working more to try to pay their bills and fill their gas tanks. Somewhere along the way the members of Congress have forgotten their responsibility to the people of this country.

"This recess passed by only one vote 213-212. Carol Shea-Porter was the deciding vote. She had the opportunity to vote to stay in Washington and work for the American people and lower gas prices. Instead Shea-Porter voted with her pal, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to go on vacation. When November comes New Hampshire voters will have the opportunity to send Shea-Porter on a permanent vacation."

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