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Governor Sanford Issues Statement on Budget Plans

Press Release

Location: Columbia, SC

Governor Sanford Issues Statement on Budget Plans


Governor Mark Sanford today issued the following statement on the budget plans being worked on by the House and Senate to cover a nearly $500 million budget hole:

"We're pleased that at first glance, the House and Senate seem to have heeded our calls for real and targeted budget cuts," Gov. Sanford said. "Though we're continuing to review the specifics of their plans, we're pleased with the approach they have taken and look forward to providing substantive feedback on those plans sooner rather than later. As well, we'd give the House and Senate credit for revisiting some of the vetoes we issued earlier this year, like Competitive Grants funding and state-paid security for the Hunley.

"That being said, we're disappointed that they didn't revisit other ideas, like eliminating extra Statehouse security that is an unfathomable waste of money in the budget times we're living in. We're also concerned with provisions that limit spending flexibility by protecting certain programs at the expense of others. This plan ties the Medicaid program's hands in such a way as to effectively guarantee people or services will have to be cut. As well, it ties the hands of Commerce and Parks, Recreation and Tourism in the way it hamstrings them in best performing their mission.

It's also worth mentioning again that the whole reason we're having this debate is because of the ramp up in government spending that led us here, to the tune of 40 percent over the past four years. You can't grow government faster than the economy and not expect it to catch up with you; for many of the agencies affected by these budget cuts it has.

"That being said, we look forward to working with the House and Senate over the coming week in finalizing this budget plan."

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