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Jay Inslee: Agent for Change? Or PAC-Money Addict?


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Jay Inslee: Agent for Change? Or PAC-Money Addict?

If you're looking for change, don't look at incumbent career-Congressman Jay Inslee. He's just playing the same old political games -- games of stagnation, not of change. He's reached deep into the pockets of the special interests, like many of his Congressional colleagues. Jay Inslee has a monkey on his back. The PAC money addiction has Inslee in its grip.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have recently been taken over by our government, failing miserably as their balance sheets plummeted due to shaky mortagage loans and deceptive accounting practices enabled by Inslee's Congress. Inslee gladly accepted his PAC money fix from these huge institutions, and even took $2500 from Countrywide, another failed lender. He apparently doesn't care or realize that government is a prime example of pathetic inefficiency. Like all addicts, he can't shake his deficit spending mentality -- the one that perpetuates foolish expenditures of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Jay loves the special interests. But Larry Ishmael has actually worked on various successful public/private and public/public partnerships that created efficient use of government dollars -- your dollars.

Do you feel like Jay is acting in our best interest as citizens of Washington State, even as 48% of his dollars come from special interests? $370,000 out of $762,000, actualy came from outside of his congressional district and shockingly, from outside of our great state. These dollars are clearly not working for you.

Out of the $330,000 dollars Inslee raised from individuals, $67,000, or 20%, is from out-of-state individual lobbyists. Haven't we had enough? It's time stop the PAC money addiction.

Obama has the audacity to accuse McCain of voting 90% of the time with our president. Yet Inslee has voted the tax-bloating liberal party line 98% of the time. Independent voting analysis puts Inslee to the left of even Jim McDermott. And the favorite lobby of the left, the Trial Lawyer's Association, endorses Inslee highly as "Most Progessive", double-speak for "most liberal".

The 110th Democratic-dominated Congress is hardly bipartisan. Larry Ishmael will strive to change this counter-productive and alarming trend. He will work in all of our best interests, and not eat out of the hands of the special interests.

Any doubts about who Inslee represents? His record is clear: special interests, the extreme left, his own party, and his own interests. If this is his idea of change, we should want nothing of it.

Vote Larry Ishmael for Congress. Larry has a lifetime of experience helping people and achieving true change. He will work for you, NOT the special interests, while in Congress.

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